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Piecing Shards from a Rose Crown (SNEAK PREVIEW!)
Should a woman fret about being untimely to a German lawyer’s office? One might disagree with my self-tormenting, saying I’m basing my worries off fictitious stereotypes or my lawyer doesn’t give a smack, as long as I’m paying generously.
But should I, Calida Abney, fret about being untimely to a German lawyer’s office?
Most definitely.
I am not successful woman. I have no college degree that rewards me with enormous paychecks. I’m not a princess born with prosperity or a gold-digging bimbo and I will never be a prostitute. In fact, I’m just another waitress whose family couldn’t afford college, even with scholarships. To sum all this up, I have no money to even provide a lawyer.
So, considering I’m about to enter a lawyer’s office and beg my way into services, I should at least show respect. Then hopefully, he’ll think I’m deserving of free services and give them to me. However, I am very close to late, which is a
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I Am of the Trees
The tree's fur is shed
   on autumn's floor
It crunches under my sole:
                 my soul which is fleeing
  Who  am  I?
     I am of the trees
          reaching towards constellations
          consisting of my lost ambitions
 A storm erupted from my raging cognition
I'm struck by my memories
My roots torn out
by the demons of my past
I fall onto a bed of leaves
The stars they fade
Slowly I drown into nothing
If there's no one
in the woods to hear me
do I even exist?
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 1 0
My Benzene Baby
perfume of petrol
       the scent of hazard
           strike her a match
       kindle her coal stone eyes
she tastes of smoke
           from her burnt lungs
she shrieks out
           as she erupts in passion
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 4 2
Dayglo Reflection I (ReaderXGermany)
“Ludwig?” You call out of the name hastily scribbled on the clear coffee cup.
Ludwig had ordered a caramel latte, without whipped cream. Considering his name and drink choices, Ludwig is probably a gay European tourist.
“I’m Ludwig,” A rich baritone voice with a hint of an accent replies.
You freeze as his blue eyes hit your (E/C) ones, making them widen. Despite that none of the dim scones hang over him, his ice blue eyes seem to be illuminated. They’re an enchanting phosphophyllite gemstone that seems to lure you in. Your mouth feels suddenly quenched as you respond, “Your drink is ready.”
You offer it to him and his ivory hand accepts it, his warm fingers brushing against yours.
He examines the coffee and his lips crease up. “You’re one of the only baristas who actually remembered not to put whipped cream on my latte!”
You chuckle. “It’s just my job sir.”
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 91 42
Our Song: ON BROADWAY (ReaderXMany Characters) IV
“Everyone please motivate and treat (F/N) with care this week! She’s our nomination for Rising Actress this year!” Mrs. Moffey announces and everyone claps! For you! You felt a grin coming. “Competitions are next week after all!”
You gulp. You’ve been busting your booty for this competition, sometimes leader. You’ve been spending lots of extra time afterschool with your teachers and even the choir and several dance teachers.
“I feel really bad for you.” Natalia comments, and then suddenly widens her eyes when she realizes everyone’s shooting daggers at her. “No! I don’t mean because you’re going to competition! I just mean, it’s the week before competition! You’ll have to deal with many male advances…”
“Male advances? What? Am I supposed to get laid before the competition?”
Mrs. Moffey shakes her head. “Heavens to Betsey, no. What Natalia was referring
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 37 28
Our Song: ON BROADWAY (ReaderXMany Characters) III
“Selfie!” You suddenly exclaim, snapping a photo of Ludwig and you, using your phone.
“Delete that!” He immediately demands. 
“Nope! It’s going on Instafag!” You hold out your phone to him for only a second or two, showing him the photo. “Your selfie game is so strong!”
“Give me that! I look like a total dunderhead!” He dives for your phone and you immediately drop your phone down your shirt, it landing snug in your bra. 
He glares at you. “I am not going that far for that photo. You can post it if you want…I guess I don’t look that bad.”
“Thanks Luddy!” You chirp.
Ever since the intense duet between the two of you, of ‘Suddenly Seymour’, you’ve rendered each other as BFFS; biffles; buddies; pals; brahs; peeps; homies ; mates. But, there’s always a thorny moment between the two of you, especially when it involved your boobs or any men
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 39 55
Our Song: ON BROADWAY (ReaderXMany Characters) II
“If he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you! You know I still love you! Though we touched and went our separate ways!” Everyone sings out and the bell interrupts your singing. Everyone jumps to their feet, brings their backpacks to their shoulders and dashes towards the door.
“Have a great day!” Mrs. Sales, your vocal technique teacher, wishes for everyone. “Don’t forget – our lock in is this Saturday!”
Lock in? No one ever mentioned a lock in to you! This was your second week attending TAGPA and you still need more adjusting to get fully used to it. It is a like a true fantasy, but, it isn’t a utopia. It still has its flaws. Everyone has known each other since FOREVER, it’s fiercely competitive, and, songs sang were taken as spoken words instead; very literally.
“Mrs. Sales? What lock in?” You question, as you gather your books. “No one ever told me about it.”
The fiery haired teacher frowns.
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 41 48
Our Song: ON BROADWAY (ReaderXMany Characters) I
“See that school over there?” Amethyst, your best friend points towards an academy across the lake, that’s more  fit to be a castle or a medieval village; the school is most made of white bricks and a cone-shaped mud brown roof. It is stunning and its beautiful image is painted onto the lake.
You nod. “It’s gorgeous! What kind of school is it?”
“It’s an all-boys performing arts academy.”
You gasp. Your family had just moved to this town six months ago and there was only one high school and it was awful. All they cared about is their sports; especially football! No theatre or choir or even your typical art classes! It was dry, boring, and uncreative. The second you entered, you wanted out. The only reason you were able to live through it was because you had no other choice.
“Do you really have to be a boy? You question disappointingly.
“That is the point of an all-boys
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 62 71
All I See (PrussiaXReader) I
The town is a picturesque, warm collection of homes and box businesses. You tip the bus driver and exit the bus, the fresh, sweet air entering your nose.
The bus releases its exhaust and leaves you alone and unsure. Now that you escaped and left it all behind, you have nowhere to go.  There are some of your friends in a nearby town, but they’ll question why you left. You would need to stay with someone you didn’t know or at a hotel. You begin to tread forward, because, that’s the only direction that your brain is registering.
The sound of your shoes is very lonely throughout the city.
Just like how you are alone.
No one knew who shoes made such a sound.
Just like how no one knows you.
You soon come across an older couple and barely muster a smile as they pass.
“Excuse me,&
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 116 65
Mature content
El Amor Que Perdimos (SpainXReaderXRomano) III :iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 58 58
You Know I'm No Good (Vampire!RomanoXReader) II
 6 Months Pass
I grab my tan scruffy, trail boots and slide them over my mismatched socks. I grab my purple journal and a sketching pen. My boots walk me out the door and I leave my house without a word.  
I immediately beeline towards the woods nearby, leaves crunching under my feet. The light barely escapes through the tree's greenery. I jump over a puddle born from April showers. The only sound is my feet and the light drip drip  from leftover rain.
I spot my stump throne and sit myself on it. I uncap my pen and press the back to my lip, as I simulate an image to draw. A fawn dashes into my sight and stops several feet from me. I don’t make a move, because I want to draw the petite deer.  The image forms on my page and I feel satisfied with my art. I reach my open hand out and the fawn heads over, sniffing it. It rests its head on my palm and I stroke the top of its head.
A bell tinkles in the distance and we both gaze into its direction. But, there's nothi
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 151 78
Mature content
Build God, Then We'll Talk (GermanyXReader) VIII :iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 70 38
Antikorper Z (GermanyXReader) I
You were hidden away in a minutiae, cast off cabin, somewhere deep in the woods.
The place didn't scream cozy and familiar at all. But, it was your shelter and the only abode you've known the past couple days.
The year was 2025, a time the apocalypse was never predicted to happen. 2012 seemed almost convincing and we were all supposed to apparently burn in a hellfire in 2017. After those two recent occurrences, no one really paid interest in "zombies ruling the earth" anymore. It just wasn't a realistic story to us.
Then, in 2025, a disease started going around. A fatal one. At first, it just involved people dying off. No rising up and munching on brains. No strutting their junk along with "Thriller". They just laid there, inanimate and eerily cold. So, they buried them, thinking that it would be safe.
What happened next was predictable. Like in every awful zombie movie, the dead rose from the ground and all chaos broke out. Many innocent people perished away that day and still continu
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 75 35
You Know I'm No Good (Vampire!RomanoXReader) I
I peered up at the clubs sign, which was simply named "Vamp", in red neon calligraphy.
I felt my palms grow clammy around my fake ID; this was my first time within even 10 feet of a nightclub and I was wearing clothing I never regularly would.
At my school, I was the loser; the bullied girl: I preferred books to Vogue; found comfort in my computer rather than other people. My first homecoming night consisted of me putting on my dress and playing Xbox.
On a daily basis, my outfits were baggy, lengthy sweaters and sweatpants; my hair thrown back in a messy bun. Makeup never even crossed my mind either. I felt that would fit me best, because I couldn't pull off the flowy tank tops the other girls could. The other girls actually had pretty shoulders. I hated wearing skirts, because my legs were like big logs. Fashion clearly didn't fit my odd, awkward body.
But, on this very night, Halloween night, I was not myself. I wore a white corset, with bows and frills and satin and all those things
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 192 63
Build God Then We'll Talk (GermanyXReader) VII
This Sunday, you two did what Ludwig liked to every Sunday: go out to a fine restaurant for a meal.
However, despite this only being your second Sunday there, you knew he usually brought along Gilbert, Roderich, Elizeveta, and sometimes, another person would tag along. You knew something was up when he uninvited Roderich and Gilbert.
Another red flag was half of the meal at Ichiban's, a Japanese steakhouse, was ghostly silent. Besides your orders and refills, no conversation had occurred.
"Miss (F/N)?" Ludwig spoke up, breaking the silence. You cognized for sure that you were about to discover what all this was about: and that you weren't going to take a liking to it.
"Yes Ludwig?"
"You've been with me for two weeks and I think all the ice is broken. I would like to  begin the serious, actual training."
You gulped. This was definitely going to keep degrading from there.
"However, I can not do it at my current residence. Gilbert, Roderich, and Elizaveta would be too much of a nuisa
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 57 20
Build God, Then We'll Talk VI (GermanyXReader)
Ludwig's POV:
"My perfect date idea West?" Prussia cocked an eyebrow at me. "Why don't you just plan the date? You already know I don't do committed relationships. Plus, you know the girl better."
I sighed, pointing my finger directly at Italy. "You there, what do you think the perfect date is? Since, my own elder brother won't tell me anything."
I then noticed the whimsical Italian's head was resting on the table, tiny, joyful exhales escaping his mouth.
"Hey, I told you my advice!" Prussia defended himself. "That is my advice! I think the best date comes from the person himself! Not ideas from the 'most romantic' men he could gather."
"Don't listen to Prussia," France chuckled, placing his hand on my shoulder. I flinched and shoved my shoulder away. In any form of a meeting, because me and him share borders, he tends to be seated next to me. "Spain and moi can help you with your little romantic outing, if you'd like. Right Spain?"
We both peered over and noticed the Spaniard swooning
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 70 45


Your Poetry Sucks.
Poetic verse does not sleep contently within your bones.
You are not made of Shakespearean sonnets.
Metaphors do not cling to your teeth like snowdrops,
and similes do not lurk like assassins behind those false psychic eyes.
Your veins bleed nothing but red.
And your whispers,
they will never leave galaxies
along the length of spines.
So, Dear Heart,
you can take your stars,
your full moon romances,
the many, desperate love letters,
the gag-worthy cliches-
and eat them.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 900 391
daria( by marta syrko) by MartaSyrko daria( by marta syrko) :iconmartasyrko:MartaSyrko 2,141 80 Flower girl by lieveheersbeestje Flower girl :iconlieveheersbeestje:lieveheersbeestje 3,155 436 Hungry eyes by ericadalmaso Hungry eyes :iconericadalmaso:ericadalmaso 12,023 457 Pokemon Time Substitute by MagnaStorm Pokemon Time Substitute :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 2,284 156 Sisters - Coloring Book Page by TsaoShin Sisters - Coloring Book Page :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 7,383 511 tea face by meago tea face :iconmeago:meago 8,868 343
never done this, but was tagged but this person :iconfrostedsopi:
here is my response to their questions:
1. If you're quizzical during quizzes, than what are you during tests?
I don’t know… but not ‘testical’ for sure
2. One OTP you have that others may find uh.....far-fetched.
Don’ t have an OTP
3. Are you watching the Olympics and if you are, what's your favorite moment? (Mine is watching men's speed skating and all of the amazing figure skaters <3)
The figure skaters for sure especially Russia’s Ivan and Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu (I’m in love with these guy’s <3)
4. Opinion on 'Flappy Bird'. And, what is your high score?
Never played it but seen and heard the reactions of people who did and laughed my ass off.
5. What song is your guilty pleasure?
Anything played by the awesome to the max (sorry Prussia), Kpop band i
:icontheartisticlady:TheArtisticLady 1 0
Queen Elsa of Arendelle - Cosplay by Amouranth Queen Elsa of Arendelle - Cosplay :iconamouranth:Amouranth 2,978 192 Heavy Water by SachaKalis Heavy Water :iconsachakalis:SachaKalis 3,024 81 Jelsa by sakimichan Jelsa :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 38,574 1,883 Pop Up Valentine's Card by markcrilley Pop Up Valentine's Card :iconmarkcrilley:markcrilley 1,194 69 Learn Manga Basics: Eyes-Color by Naschi Learn Manga Basics: Eyes-Color :iconnaschi:Naschi 9,665 95 A Special Kind of Valentine by Raver1357 A Special Kind of Valentine :iconraver1357:Raver1357 176 18 Junie B. Jones and Meanie Jim Valentine by Magical-Mama Junie B. Jones and Meanie Jim Valentine :iconmagical-mama:Magical-Mama 56 38

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Yeah, I disappeared.


Over the summer, I was in Peru and at marching band camp and getting my license, so my schedule was tight. 

My junior year of high school also started. It's shockingly easier than last year, though I'm ready to choke my AICE English Lang. teacher out, because she's teaching us a college level course and she knows literally nothing, yet works us hard (like 15 meaningless assignments a week). Ugh, but otherwise, I love my schedule and because of it, I think I'll get into the habit of writing more and more again. Now, I'm going to quit whining. 

I have marching band every day but Mondays and I'm often at football games all of Friday after school. Sunday, I have a job as a nursery manager and it's totally rad, because I got to chill with babies for 15 dollars an hour. YIPPEE. Not to mention, soon enrollment in Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honor Society. EEEK. 

I have been writing and I'm proud to announce I should be done with El Amor Que Perdimos Chapter 4 and Our Song: On Broadway! Chapter 5 sometime early this week. As for the other fics, they have either been started or plotted and will be up in 1-2 weeks. 

READ HERE MUY IMPORTANTE: Despite my cumbersome load of things I'm writing and my crazy schedule, I have two more ideas for reader inserts and I wanted to share them. One, I have the first chapter finished and it's a FranceXReader insert and it's going to be cute, but also socially and ethically shocking. The second I want to write, is a Hetalia, high school reader insert involving the reader being a part of a marching band (it seems marching band season is getting to my head) and just all the drama and fun incorporated with that. I already have all the countries assigned to instrument sections, but I have no idea who the reader should be with. So, if you think a ReaderX______ Marching Band fic. would be good, comment below who you want reader-chan to be shipped with. And, if you want to know the instruments of specific countries, comment below and I'll tell you. 

So yeah, just an update to announce the eventual arrival of two chapters and maybe two stories. :) If you're watching me, I hope you read this and comment below if you want anything. Thank you lovelies.
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