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December 16, 2012
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"A totally awesome future is ahead of us ______! I just know it!" Antonio exclaimed, giving your hand a tight squeeze.
You giggled, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. "How can you tell? Is my boyfriend a psychic now?"
"No. I just know it is. Look at the sky." He instructed you.
You guys were stretched out in a wild red poppy field in Spain. The sky painted above you was a beautiful, deep blue and it was clear of any clouds.
"All it is Antonio, is pretty." You informed him. "The sky here is always pretty."
"I know!!! That's why I love coming to this field!"
"Well, no one likes to visit junkyards Toni." You purred his nickname, hugging his arm.
His sheer optimism and his adorable accent made you want to lay in this meadow and cuddle with him for the rest of the day.
"So, why is the future going to be totally awesome Toni?"
"Mi chica, everything in this field is absolutely beautiful! The sky is perfect, the poppies are more rojo then ever, I'm a sexy man, and you're the most beautiful woman God ever placed on Earth!" He shouted to the sky, pulling you into a fastened embrace.
Your cheeks grew more rojo then the flowers. "Thanks Antonio. That is very sweet of you."
He chuckled joyfully. "Why, it's only the truth!"
You smiled, turning your body sideways, facing his body. You pressed your forehead against his, his emerald orbs lovingly gazing into your (EC) eyes.
"What's my future, Mr. Fortune-Teller?" You questioned, rubbing his cheek with your thumb.
"Well, bonita, that would be no fun. Mysteries are always the best kind."
"I don't like mysteries or surprises. That's why I always used to peek at Christmas presents when I was little."
He laughed, tightening his clasp around your waist. "You're so silly."
"I know. So, don't keep it a secret. Tell me my future Toni!!!"
"We'll, there is one thing I can guaranteed."
"In the end, it'll be me and you."
Your cheeks flushed darkly. "Really Toni? But, there's so many women out there. And their so much better then-"
"Don't say that. It's not true."
"But, any women is more beautiful then-"
He pressed your lips together using his pointer finger and thumb. "Shhh. Chica, you're beautiful. You are more beautiful then any lady I've dated."
"You really think so?"
"No bebč, I know so."
He leaned towards you, letting your lips meet in a kiss. The kiss was like a conversation, except without words. Each movement of your tongues, lips, and teeth told the other something.
Eventually, to save both you and Toni from suffocating, your lips departed from his.
"Te amo bonita."
"I love you too Toni."
Suddenly, something in front of you started to vibrate.
"Ummm, Toni, what is that?"
He rolled away and reached in his pocket, whipping his cellphone out.
You giggled. "Oops. I'm sorry if I thought it was something else."
"Can I answer this?" He asked, his eyes begging for approval.
You nodded.
As he discussed whatever, with whoever, you began to put together a floral crown, using only the red poppies in the field.
By the time he hung up, you had finished two crowns and a quarter of one.
"Hey _______?" Antonio poked your shoulder.
You looked up from your floral crowns. "Yes Toni?"
"I forgot that I promised Francis and Gilbert that we would go out together tonight. So, I need to to go now. Do you need a ride home bonita?"
He's going out with Francis and Gilbert? They're probably going to a club, filled with beautiful women. Antonio has flirted with other women while you have dated.
However, all those times he was drunk and you chose to get over it. You loved him too much to let go of him so easily. Just as long as he doesn't go to bed with them or there's any skin-to-skin contact, it's totally fine.
But, you would still get jealous.
You shook your head. "No. I drove myself here. I can get home fine."
"What's wrong chica?" He took your hand into his and rubbed the roof of it with his thumb.
You could feel tears fill your eyes. "I don't want you to go to a club and flirt with other women. It makes me feel like crap."
Antonio lunged forward, knocking you over with a hug. "Your not a piece of crap! I wouldn't fall in love with a piece a crap would I?"
You would have loved to respond, but Antonio was crushing you.
"_______, don't ignore me!"
" of m-meeee." You barely managed to choke out the words.
Spain gasped and pulled away, a concerned look growing on his face. "______, I'm sosososo sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!"
You laughed and stood up, picking up your crowns and sliding them onto your arm, sort of like a giant bracelet.
"I'm fine Toni." You removed one of your crowns off your arms and headed over, placing it onto his head. "This is for you."
He grinned widely.
"Thank you chica! It's beautiful! I'll cherish it forever and always, along with you." He pulled you into a gentle embrace, afraid he may accidentally suffocate you again. "I'm going to miss you."
"Don't fall in love with any women, okay Toni?" You nuzzled your face in his chest. He was toned and warm, which was the perfect pillow for your visage.
He leaned forward, giving you a swift, but passionate kiss goodbye. "Oh. But I just did."
You wanted to squeal in delight and tackle him with many hugs and kisses, but it was time for him to leave. So, you remained quiet.
He trekked away towards his car. When he traveled about halfway, he saluted you goodbye and screamed happily, at the top of his lungs "LATERS BABY!!!"
You giggled and watched him enter his car. Then you sighed and watched him drive away.
"Goodbye Toni." You whispered.
~~~~~~Later That Night~~~~~~~
"Hey, why don't you stop being a mopey bitch and help me wash these dishes?"
You groaned and picked up one of the cushiony couch pillows, throwing it towards the anger radiating Italian.
"It's your day to do it Vargas!!!" You shouted. " I don't have to do anything for you!"
Moving into Antonio's house was the almost best thing since moving to Spain and graduating high school and college.
However, there was Lovino.
He didn't exactly live at Antonio!s house. In fact, he didn't live in this country. On a normal basis, he lived in Italy.
But, Antonio absolutely adored that boy, so he visited a lot, even if he acted like he hates Antonio's guts. Their friendship was just so corrupt. You felt bad for poor Toni.
Lovino was always angry, he despised everyone of the male gender, he slutted around and flirted with all the women, he was rude, and he had a nasty mouth.
You absolutely hated him.
He had tried to flirt with you the second you entered the door.
And, you simply smacked him across his face.
So, from that day on, you two acted like the worst of enemies.
It was fine by you. You hated him. You'd do anything to make him just disappear from the world.
"Yes, but it's not like you're doing anything worthwhile! All you're doing is watching stupid, romance  movies and eating loads of ice cream to aid your depression. Unless you fucking want that ass of your's to be even bigger. Then, I guess you're doing an amazing job."
You bit your lip, using the pain to tone his irritating words out.  
You heard silence and felt relived.
Not only was he done bitching, but that also meant he was done washing the dishes, so he would stop pestering you.
Your feelings of reassurance were soon washed away when the Italian sat down next to you and snatched the remote out of your hands.
"Hey! That was so rude!" You shouted. "It's so rude to just grab stuff out of people's hands!"
"And look at the fucks I give." He rolled his eyes, searching the channel menu via remote.
"I'm watching this. Just so you know. And, I was enjoying it."
"Anddddd, look at the fucks I give." He repeated, swapping your cute, adorable, love movie for "Amish Mafia".
"I don't want to watch this." You whined, attempting to take back what was rightfully yours.
He held the remote high. "Well, I don't give a fuck what you want. I happen to like this show."
You tackled him, pinning his arms down with one arm, while trying to remove the remote out of his hands with the other.
He looked up your low-cut short and grinned. "Nice view bambina."
"PERVERT!!!" You screamed, grabbing a pillow and beating his face with it.
He grabbed your arms and tried to keep you from hitting him anymore. "All I did was compliment you ragazza!!!"
"THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN LOOK AT MY BOOBS IS TONI!!!" You yelled, trying to slide your arms out of his hands so you could beat him up some more.
He chuckled. "Antonio always gets the best doesn't he?"
You cocked your head, confused on what he meant. "What?"
He shook his head. "Nothing."
"What? Tell me or I'll beat you up some more!"
"Oh. A pillow. How threatening."
"Maybe to you. You were screaming like a little girl every time that thing met your face."
"It didn't exactly tickle, now did it?"
"I guess you have a point. I know you are afraid of me."
"Me? Afraid of Antonio's girlfriend?" He suddenly burst into obnoxious laughter. "You're hilarious ragazza! I don't fear women!"
"That is so sexist!!!"  
"Then again, I'm unsure if you are even a woman."
"Oh, you're going down Var-"
Suddenly, the front door was slammed open, a figure dashing  at an inhumane speed, crashing straight into the wall.
"What the actual fuck?" Lovino cursed, blinking rapidly, to make sure what he just witnessed was actually real.
"It's just Feliciano." You assured him. You looked towards the other Italian and sighed. "We're you running away from Arthur again?"
Feliciano got up and rubbed his head. He made a blank face as if he had forgotten something, but then widened his eyes.
He ran to the couch, seating himself next to you. He started to slap your shoulder, as if you couldn't see him.
"Yes Feli?"
"Antonio....well, you see...when he was at the club...well, Francis called me...Antonio is...I don't know how to say this..he's..he's not here because..." Feliciano stumbled on words through heavy, tired breaths.
"Fratello, shut up until you know what you're going to say." Lovino shushed him.
Feliciano caught his breath and them spit out the words, "Antonio has been in a terrible car accident and he's been badly injured!!!"
Romano gasped. You couldn't even find air to render any sort of sound.
Your vision began to blur and the sound around you slowly meshed together.
"_______!!!!" Was the last thing you heard before you passed out.

So, this was originally a request from, but she suggested I should make it series and I decided that would be fine. I have been wanting to do another series along with my other one, so this was the perfect opportunity.
I really hope that you enjoy this story!!! I'm worried it's not very good, but then again, I always do.
If you liked this, please favorite it, add me to deviantWATCH, download it, PLEASE comment, read my other series "Build God Then We'll Talk", request more reader inserts, listen to this song…, make red poppy crowns, beat Italians pillows, and date sexy Spanish men.
However, please don't let Spanish man get in an accident like Spain did. That would be a tragedy.
Thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy this!!!
Te amo!!!!
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