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I totally have two awesome Hetalia reader inserts coming up ;) prepare your anuses 
Should a woman fret about being untimely to a German lawyer’s office? One might disagree with my self-tormenting, saying I’m basing my worries off fictitious stereotypes or my lawyer doesn’t give a smack, as long as I’m paying generously.

But should I, Calida Abney, fret about being untimely to a German lawyer’s office?

Most definitely.

I am not successful woman. I have no college degree that rewards me with enormous paychecks. I’m not a princess born with prosperity or a gold-digging bimbo and I will never be a prostitute. In fact, I’m just another waitress whose family couldn’t afford college, even with scholarships. To sum all this up, I have no money to even provide a lawyer.

So, considering I’m about to enter a lawyer’s office and beg my way into services, I should at least show respect. Then hopefully, he’ll think I’m deserving of free services and give them to me. However, I am very close to late, which is already a rude remark in American culture and this lawyer is German. And, I know from experience, that not being exactly on time is like the German being smacked across the face with a baseball bat covered in jagged nails.

In fact, I’m soon to be late to his office and I’m still driving in circles, with not a clue where his office is. My fiancé Brett Spalding had earlier printed me directions and of course, I forgot them on the counter. I had driven over seven hours from Murrieta to San Francisco and “Hilgendorf Defense Firm Inc.” was absolutely nowhere in sight.

I’m ready to turn around and go grab a drink with my closest friend Sharisse Dempster, who had just returned from a vacation. Then, both Sharisse and I could head right to our waitress shift; just like I always did when my life was perfect. That would have been ten million times better than wasting all my time searching for a lawyer who’s most likely going to reject me anyways.

However, life is no longer bright sunshine and cascading rainbows. Brett, the love of my life, is wrongly being accused of assault. If he is found guilty, all of our wedding money will go down the drain and he will rot away in jail. We need a lawyer who can hypnotize any court, merely with his keen persuasion.

A tall, office building suddenly comes in sight. It is an asymmetrical white building, with windows that looked like mirrored sapphires. It is lovely, especially for modern architecture. As soon as I read the sign, I slam the brakes. Not only is it an exquisite office building, but it’s the office building which contains Mathias Hilgendorf, the only hope for Brett and also our marriage. I make a sharp turn in the almost brimming parking lot, positioning my navy blue 2002 Subaru Forester into an empty space.

I can feel my stomach turning and my heart pound as I approach the towering mass. Emotions overcome me that almost feel identical to every insignificant, nerve-wracking moment in my life combined. Like those times I wear jeans two days in a row and wonder if anyone notices. Or when I’m invited to an event and I don’t know whether I’m overdressed or underdressed. It especially reminds me of when I’m holding someone’s baby, just praying it won’t cry. To sum it up, I’m anxious for the events that are about to unfold.

Right before I enter the glass double-doors, I cross myself, hoping for a blessing of some sort. I would never depend on luck or karma, but rather, God’s favor. If something doesn’t happen for me, God simply planned something even better up ahead.

I take a deep breath and enter. The waiting room of the office is very charming and inviting. The lighting isn’t cut-rate fluorescent, but rather glass sconces mounted to the cream walls. The chairs are smooth, chocolate leather, with shiny, light wood. The cushiony pillows that adorn the chairs come are the colors of autumn. The room seems to smell of spiced apple pie, fresh from the oven, topped with cinnamon and nutmeg. On the side tables that complement the armchairs, are celebrities making the headlines. As tempted as I am to pick up the magazines and read the tabloids, I have my own fiancé’s dirty linen to clean.

I tread to the front desk, lightly tapping my fingernails on the counter. The lady who mans the desk looks up from her book and stares disinterestedly into my eyes. Her name tag reads ‘LYDIA’ in bold, all caps.

"Yes mam?" Lydia answers, her tone matching the mood playing out in her eyes. Lydia seems to be a woman who is easily unimpressed and probably a yawn to hang out with. That’s probably why she’s cooped up at the front desk of a law office.

"I have an appointment scheduled with Mathias Hilgendorf.” I say, smiling softly in hopes that her mood will brighten up.

A flush fills her face at the mention of the lawyer’s name. Oh, looks like Lydia has a bit of crush on him. That’s probably why she has such a boring job.

She peers over to her computer, clicking on her mouse several times, and then frowns. The turn of her lips makes me garden concern. “Calida Abney?”

I nod, my palms grow clammy.  What if my appointment was canceled? What if it is a different date? What if I am on a waiting list?

“You’re a minute late.” She wrinkles her nose. “Mathias hates his clients to be late.”

“I know, I know! Can you please just let me go and see him, so I’m not any bit more behind time?”

“Fine. Go right ahead Miss Abney. But, he’s not going to be very pleased with your timing. ” Her blue eyes seem greener, with the envy they portray. Why is she jealous? I am just one of his maybe clients, not his girlfriend.

Considering his rude employee doesn’t give me any directions to his office, I have to find it on my own. I enter the only other door in the waiting area (besides the exit) and it is a plain hallway, with many doors that have bronze name plaques. I slowly stroll past each door, until I spot the name “Mathias Hilgendrof”.

I debate on whether or not I knock. The wooden door stares back at me, urging me to grip its knob and just get this meeting over with. “It’s not like he’s masturbating to Kim Kardashian,” it seems to whisper. “What reason don’t you have to go in?” I grasp the knob and revolve it, pushing the door open.

His office doesn’t have the cozy atmosphere its welcoming bears. It is more modernly decorated, but also doesn’t really invite me in. The flooring is a dull charcoal colored marble and the whole theme is basically monotone. His desk is glass, with black legs and his office chair is a black modern design. The bookshelves are black, the shades are grey; there is literally no color to this room, except for the man seated at the desk.

Mathias’s ice blue eye’s meet mine, sending chills down my body. My breathing halts and I can feel my mouth grow dry. I now know at this moment that he’s going to reject me. There’s no way I could talk to a man this gorgeous, let alone, even ask for free law services.

“It’s rude of you to arrive so late.” Mathias mutters. But, he doesn’t sound displeased, angered, or even inconvenienced. Instead, he just wears a slight smirk on his lips.

“I’m sorry.” I barely even manage to squeak out, as my lips practically feel sewn shut.

“You don’t have to stand at the doorway. You can come in.” He comments, his tone revealing that he finds my nervous state rather amusing.

I step in and silently shut the door behind me. “I’m seriously sorry I’m late. There was awful traffic and I came all the way from Murrieta and I was extremely lost because-”

He chuckles. “Miss Abney, it’s okay. Don’t worry so much. We’re in a California, so I can understand the traffic issues. Please take a seat.”

I shuffle wobbly over to the chairs parallel to the desk and perch myself in one. I can’t seem to keep my legs from shaking.

Mathias browses through a manila folder on his desk and swipes several papers out. He licks his lip, staring intensely at me.

“This case in a normal circumstance would be very easy to defend. Your fiancé is accused of assaulting a man at a bar, when the evidence clearly says that your fiancé was the one being assaulted. However, the man who is up against you is a very, very wealthy man, with lots of affluence and spectacular lawyers. He plays dirty to keep his name clean. I’m going to have a tougher time fighting for you and I’m thinking about raising the price.”

At that moment, it’s as if time paused. My heart feels frozen and I can barely breathe. What was I thinking? Did I really expect that if I marched in here and asked for free services, that he would immediately agree without hesitation? Gosh, my head can be so stuck in the clouds.

“Mathias…I can’t afford your services. I don’t have the money. I don’t honestly know why I drove up here and wasted your time when I knew that. I’m so sorry.”

He blinks. ‘You really thought I’d give in to free services?’

My voice shakes as I answer. “Yes. My fiancé and I got engaged two years ago and haven’t been able to tie the knot. If he gets sent to prison, that’ll destroy my life.”

He inhales deeply and sighs. “My services are extremely expensive. I understand the dire situation you’ve been put in, but I can’t just throw my money away for a woman I’ve never seen before this. The government does give free attorneys, so you won’t be left without one. It’s in the constitution.”

“Mathias, I know that you’re aware that the attorney the government will provide has no chance against the lawyer this man has hired.”

“I’m fully aware and I do pity you, but I honestly can’t give free services. I do apologize and hope that you find some happiness, even with circumstances being as they are

“Thank you for at least listening to me.” I rise up and my lip begins to quiver as water gathers in my tear ducts. My whole face grows blotchy and my stomach sinks. The love of my life is going to be sent to prison and there is nothing I can do about it. My knees feel like they’re about to give in and my feet are barely carrying me to the door. My hand trembles as it reaches for the knob. Just as I twist it, Mathias’s deep voice interrupts with a question.

"Wait! Miss Abney, am I giving you my services completely free, or do I receive some sort payment at all?”

I rotate on my feet, so I’m facing him.

“I don’t have money.” I whimper.

"I don't exactly mean money. I'm asking if you promise anything else in return. Maybe, you could provide me with services in return? Sort of like trading or bartering. I doubt you’ll agree to my terms. But, I could be wrong, as this is a generous offer. I’m pretty much agreeing to your offer, when I was very stubborn about not giving you free services before."

“What do you want? I’ll do absolutely anything to save my fiancé. You name it and I’ll do it.”
“First, before we talk business, come sit down again. I promise you, I’m not going to bite.”

My cheeks flush and I shuffle back to the chair, seating myself. He grabs a tissue and gently dabs at the tears under my eyes. I immediately flinch.

“Why are you so nervous? You’re getting what you want.” He grins. “I’m probably one of the most successful lawyers that you’ll ever meet.”

“You intimidate me.” I mutter. “Though, I don’t know why.”

“You’re about to find out.” He winks. “Just kidding though. You most likely won’t accept my offer. Even if I am being generous, it’s also rather selfish.”

I blink. “Look, I’ll do anything! Sewage work even. Anything that can rid me of this nightmare. I want my dream of marrying Brett and starting a family to finally come true.”

“See, that’s the thing.”

Why is he being so hesitant? Anything would honestly be better than Brett going to jail and losing his virginity to some child molester, instead of me. Does Mathias not know how far I will go to protect those who I love?

“Mathias, I really am ready to accept your offer, whatever it might be. I can’t bear to see the love of my life gone in a flash, for something he never committed. And, even if I have no significance to this case, I still want to help out. I love Brett.”

“Considering how much you love Brett, you won’t do this. Trust me.”

“Mathias, please tell me!” My green eyes widen with desperation. “I don’t care what it is. I only care about my fiancé and I’ll do anything for him.”

“Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He gulps, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “Have you ever heard of BDSM? Do you even have the slightest idea of what it is? Do those four letters have any significance in you?”

I cock my head, curious on what BDSM stands for. “I don’t have the slightest clue.”

“God, you’re so innocent. Even with all those awfully written, trashy, erotic fiction books being popularized, you have not an idea. I knew this was a bad idea…”

“Erotic books are a sin.” I mutter.

He raises his eyebrows. “Uh-huh. Well anyways, BDSM is a form of relationship, lifestyle, or roleplay. It involves the use of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism to create sexual tension and pleasure. It mostly revolves around themes of pain, power, humiliation, and etcetera. I want you to sign a contract to be my submissive for three months.”

Excuse my French, but Jesus Christ. I can feel my nostrils flaring up and my hands forming fists. He wants me to lose my purity, which I am meant to lose to Brett once we are wed. But, here I am, almost ready to submit to this man who I have never met before this. I can’t believe that I acted like I am willing to do anything for a stranger. There were many things I was ready to accept, but nothing that trashes my beliefs or hurts those who I love. No thanks.

"You're a pervert." I whisper at a volume level high enough for him to hear me at.

His lips wear an amused creases, like he found my state of anger hilarious. “I wouldn’t say pervert Miss Abney, but a man with exotic tastes. There’s nothing wrong with knowing yourself sexually Calida.”

“There certainly is. I have a loving fiancé. Neither you nor I are married. Having sex before marriage is a sin. And, your kinky, sleazy lifestyle is even more of a sin.”

“Wait, you’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yeah? You’re acting like that’s a bad thing.” I can feel my face grow warmer.

His azure eyes widen. “Maybe I’m asking for too much.”

“It is very much to ask for Mathias. Especially since we just met. And, now that we’ve met and I’ve gotten to know your lovely self, there’s no way in heck that I would have sex with you.”

He furrows his eyebrows. “That’s awfully rude. Considering you might never get to see your husband again, unless I help. I felt I was being awfully generous.”

“The generous part doesn’t matter. Sometimes the Devil tries to be ‘generous’ too.”

He starts bursting out into laughter. “Look, I’m no bad guy Miss Abney. I find you attractive and was just making an equal offer.”

I gaze into his ice blue eyes, their color piercing me like daggers. It’s funny how I once found the blades to be so beautiful, until I realized they were dripping with poison.

“Look Miss Abney, don’t think of it as sinning or whatever you call it. Think of it as trying to rescue your husband; like, a sacrifice of some sort.”

“No matter what you call it or not, it’s still cheating.” I say through grit teeth. “"I can't cheat on Brett. We're engaged. We're in love. I can't lose him."

Mathias sighs. "I hate to sound like the bearer of bad news, but you'd be losing him either way, and unfortunately, he's less likely to leave if we go through with a this contract."

"But, he would eventually get out of prison."

"That's true, but you'll be separated for quite a while."

"But if he found out, he'd leave me forever. I mean, I’ll be gone for three months. There’s no way he won’t suspect something. ”

"He might not. You two are about to get married. That means he has a lot of faith in your actions. Plus, you're not cheating because you want to have sexual intercourse with someone else. You would be doing it to protect Brett. Wouldn't he understand that?"

I glare at him. He’s absolutely correct, yet, I don’t want him to be. I don’t want to face the fact that I might be losing Brett not matter what I do. I don’t want to accept my only option might be this man and I don’t want to ever even think about accepting cheating.

“Mathias, you’re right. You are selfish. But, you’re also persuasive. I literally feel like I’m under a trance when you try to convince me that this is somehow okay. And I absolutely hate that about you. I hate myself for this too. For thinking that somehow, people in this world would be kind enough to help others, without expecting sexual demands.”

“You’re absolutely right Miss Abney. It’s a cruel, cruel world. I’m sorry to say it, but not all your reveries will play out like your dreamt them. Sometimes, in order to seize what you want, you must sin and sin again.”

I can feel fires cultivate in my eyes. “No, you’re wrong.”

“I was raised religiously and the only thing I remember is that Jesus died for our sins and that he loves all of us unconditionally. Miss Abney, you have such a caring heart and the heavens knows it. If God somehow made it so we met, just accept it or decline. I don’t need to hear any more of your rude statements against what I find pleasurable.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.” I state, even surprising myself. Even though I feel raging hate for this man’s selfishness, I also feel intense love for Brett and love will always triumph over hate. “But, it’s certainly not for you.”

“Wait. You’re serious? You’ll be my submissive?” He runs his hands through his soft blonde hair. “Like, you’re not being sarcastic?”

My eyes start burning with tears, though these are of rage. For Pete’s Sake, I wish I was being sarcastic. But, my only real option was to agree, as statistically, that had the most probable chance of success.

"I will become your submissive for three months. For now on, you are in charge of me until that deadline expires."
Piecing Shards from a Rose Crown (SNEAK PREVIEW!)
Hi guys. Sorry I've been gone so long :( I have five things I'm going to post soon and a special 4th of July surprise! Yippee! :D

You're probably wondering what this is. Remember when I said I had several agents suggest I should transform "Build God, Then We'll Talk" into a novel? Well, I decided to post the first chapter. I have many more chapters written, but I figured you guys deserved a sneak peek, for all you support in the 'Notes' and supper of this series in general. So here is chapter one of what used to be "Build God, Then We'll Talk", but now is "Piecing Shards from a Rose Crown". Enjoy! Feel free to comment, if you'd like :)

I love you guys. Thank you for being here for me. I've been through an extremely rough time lately and your support always lifts me up <3 Stay beautiful you guys and keep making the world all Prussian and awesome like you do. 

       frostedsopi :*


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Yeah, I disappeared.


Over the summer, I was in Peru and at marching band camp and getting my license, so my schedule was tight. 

My junior year of high school also started. It's shockingly easier than last year, though I'm ready to choke my AICE English Lang. teacher out, because she's teaching us a college level course and she knows literally nothing, yet works us hard (like 15 meaningless assignments a week). Ugh, but otherwise, I love my schedule and because of it, I think I'll get into the habit of writing more and more again. Now, I'm going to quit whining. 

I have marching band every day but Mondays and I'm often at football games all of Friday after school. Sunday, I have a job as a nursery manager and it's totally rad, because I got to chill with babies for 15 dollars an hour. YIPPEE. Not to mention, soon enrollment in Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honor Society. EEEK. 

I have been writing and I'm proud to announce I should be done with El Amor Que Perdimos Chapter 4 and Our Song: On Broadway! Chapter 5 sometime early this week. As for the other fics, they have either been started or plotted and will be up in 1-2 weeks. 

READ HERE MUY IMPORTANTE: Despite my cumbersome load of things I'm writing and my crazy schedule, I have two more ideas for reader inserts and I wanted to share them. One, I have the first chapter finished and it's a FranceXReader insert and it's going to be cute, but also socially and ethically shocking. The second I want to write, is a Hetalia, high school reader insert involving the reader being a part of a marching band (it seems marching band season is getting to my head) and just all the drama and fun incorporated with that. I already have all the countries assigned to instrument sections, but I have no idea who the reader should be with. So, if you think a ReaderX______ Marching Band fic. would be good, comment below who you want reader-chan to be shipped with. And, if you want to know the instruments of specific countries, comment below and I'll tell you. 

So yeah, just an update to announce the eventual arrival of two chapters and maybe two stories. :) If you're watching me, I hope you read this and comment below if you want anything. Thank you lovelies.
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